Friday, September 22, 2006

Dirk on NBA Live 07 cover!

Dirk Nowitzki will be on the cover of EA's NBA Live 07...but only in Germany. Tony Parker and Boris Diaw will share the cover on copies sold in France, Pau Gasol in Spain, and Tracy McGrady will be featured on the North American and all other regions.
I am still undecided as to weather or not I will buy a basketball game this year for the XBOX 360. NBA Live 07 and NBA 2K7 are both shaping up to be great games with some improvements over last year's versions. If Dirk was on the North American release of Live 07, I think I would definetly buy it (I'm a huge Dirk fan). But, I'll wait and see how the reviews are for the two games before I make my decision on which game to get...

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